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Overseas Nurse Recruitment

MSI International are experts in bringing international nurses to the UK, delivering high-quality nurse staffing without the stress.

Qualified nurse shortages in the UK are well documented, and competition for the most qualified is nothing short of intense. That’s why MSI Group look further afield to bring you the best nursing talent from around the world.

What Can You Expect From An International Nurse?

  • Nurses from outside the EU are required to have a minimum of 12 months' experience to be able to work in the UK, which means they will hit the ground running and improve patient care from their first day.

  • We mainly recruit nurses from countries with qualifications equivalent to those the UK. If their qualification isn't transferable, then they will need to take UK exams to ensure they have the required level of knowledge.

  • All international candidates need to have passed the IELTS or OET English language exams.

Why Use MSI For International Nurse Recruitment?

We make overseas recruitment easy by:

  • Arranging and facilitating overseas recruitment events, with face-to-face or Skype interviews.

  • In order for your trust can effectively workforce manage, we send 'real time' reports to show which stage in the process each nurse is at so we can accurately project their arrival.

  • Our mobilisation officer works closely with our candidates, offering support and advice about their future community for optimal process success.

  • By using us for large scale nurse recruitment, we are saving our clients millions on their agency spend.

  • MSI offers market leading pastoral care to our candidates.

  • Our nurses OSCE pass rate is 99% .

The MSI International Nurse Recruitment Process

Our team has over 10 years' experience in recruiting overseas candidates and fully understand the issues faced by overseas nurses relocating to the UK.

    • We have a team of highly experienced recruiters based in the UK and South Africa.

      • We have access to a large talent pool of international candidates through our referral network and online marketing activity. 

  • We work with carefully selected recruitment partners throughout the world, providing unrivalled access to nursing talent pools.

  • We assist with finding our nurses UK accommodation, book their flights, meet them at the airport, help set up their bank accounts and assist with gaining a National Insurance number.

  • Nurses are supported throughout the entire process and we continue to offer this support when they're in the UK. This results is happy and settled nurses, who are ready to focus on their new career.

Naturally, recruiting from overseas is a longer process than recruiting from here in the UK, as nurses will require language and knowledge tests, Visa applications and the relocation itself, but with a loyal workforce of highly qualified, highly experienced nurses for your Trust, they’re worth waiting for.

I would want to express my sincere thanks to MSI for assisting me in securing a job in the UK. [My consultant] is ever ready to listen and apt in responding to questions and concerns. He is very patient and supportive and I would recommend him and MSI to everyone at any time.

​~ MSI International Candidate

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