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How to Manage Stress in the Workplace

How to Manage Stress in the Workplace

11 November 2022
Stress 2
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Following on from National Stress Awareness Day, MSI International is continuing to work hard to raise awareness of the impact and stigma of stress in the workplace. The average person spends 35 hours per week at their workplace. To have a positive environment and manage stress at work is essential.

For healthcare workers who often work in demanding environments to provide patients with the most efficient care, it can be especially useful to learn techniques to manage their stress. We have highlighted a range of methods that can help employees in tackling workplace stress and foster good mental well-being.

1.    Prioritise: With so many patients to juggle, it's critical to have a structure and be able to focus on and manage your tasks. Simple prioritisation techniques can help greatly to reduce stress at work.


2.    Spend time outside: Being outside and in nature can help to improve physical and mental well-being. Take a short break every couple of hours to go outside and get some fresh air. Being present in a healthy environment eliminates stressful thoughts and improves mindfulness.


3.    Keep a diary: Writing is another way to improve mindfulness and decrease stress levels. Writing your thoughts in and outside of work down can help organise and often relieve pressure.


4.    Exercise: Exercising and improving your physical welfare is certain to provide relaxation and improve your mental health. Working out during your break may help you tackle the tasks of the day better.


5.    Eat healthily: Eating healthy and nutritious food provides the body with the energy it needs to counter stress and manage tense situations.


6.    Talk to someone: Finally, talking to someone can help lower stress levels. Communication in the workplace is key and if something is bothering you, speaking to your manager or a colleague may help to solve the issue.